Sunday, February 18, 2007

Swarna Kamalam

(2): Swarna Kamalam
Banner : Bhanu Art creations
Director: K.Viswanath
Producer: K.Benarji
Year of the Release: 1988
Box-Office Result: Average

Working under K.Viswanath's direction was a great gift to any upcoming artiste. Venkatesh was lucky to have got a call from Viswanath in the early days of his career. Venkatesh, being an upcoming actor, still not matured to do performance oriented roles that time, where as Viswanath kind of movies require some natural performance. One really wondered how this would be possible? But they made it possible. Viswanath cleverly used the potential of Venkatesh that time and offered a role of a young painter who craves for traditional arts. Though movie had importance to a legend in koochipudi dance, and his daughter, this character takes the lead in their life and supports them till the end. With excellent songs from Ilayaraja, spell bounding histrionics from BhanuPriya and last but not least, fine performance from Venkatesh, this movie reached the target audience. Venkatesh, with this film, proved that he had ambitions to do different roles if chances were given.

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