Saturday, February 17, 2007


Kavita Ganduri
Rating: 3/5

Its after a long gap of 9 years, K.Viswanath has directed this movie. When you hear the name of this "kala tapsavi" you naturally have high expectations from his movies... and unfortunately this movie cannot take a place in the list of his earlier classics like "Sagarasangamam, Swarnakamalam, Sruthilayalu etc., though this one also falls in the category of "A Tribute to Traditional Music".

This is a simple story about two brothers- Srinivasachary (K.Viswanath) and Ranga(Srikanth) who are populary known in the music world as "srirangam brothers". Ranga is a widower with two kids. Srinivasachary is happily married to Urvasi and has no kids. Both of them earn great fame by scoring music for films. Surekha(laya), a T.V. anchor and Ranga fall in love and get married. Surekha"s mind gets polluted by thinking that Srinivasachary is getting all the credits while the real hard work is being done by her husband. Her mother adds fuel to the fire when only the elder brother is awarded with Padmashri. Henceforth, the brothers get separated. The rest of the story is how Surekha realizes her misake and the brothers get re-united.

Srikanth renders a controlled performance. Urvasi is good as the wife of K.Viswanath. Laya is ok. Shivaji and amukta malyada (I heard she is K.Viswanth"s grand daughter) are good. Sridhar plays an important role of a music loving cobbler. Music by Vidyasagar is good.

The good points:

K.Viswanath in the role of Srinivasa chary is exceptionally good.

The scene where Shivaji tries to create a environment to impress his blind mother reminds you of the scene in "sagarasangamam" and is very touching.

The train scene where Music therapy can do wonders is well depicted.

The other side:

The movie appears dragged in the second half and the inclusion of Shivaji and amukta malyada run on separate tracks and sometimes seem irrelevant to the main story.

Though I don"t say the movie is bad, it is not a feast like Viswanath"s earlier movies.

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